"Carlos' Boat Works"

We are a company that has been providing top of the line boat repair service for 13 years. And we are committed to continue doing so for years to come.

             We use the best machinery, products and techniques available to us that want to provide a professional result.

             For I don’t think there is a better way to have fun than in the water. A nice boat, your family and/or friends, the sun in your face, the beauty and vastness of the sea. What can be more empowering and at the same time fun and relaxing than this?

Of course, safety should be first for you and your family. There for, maintenance for your boat should be on top of the list. Always be aware of the condition of your boat from top to bottom. Do it for safety and respect of the sea.

Safety should be first. But when it comes to boats, beauty is almost equal. You don’t want to set sail in something that looks like a floating bucket! You don’t want your boat to be call “old rusty” or “faded glory” because the paint is fading away all over your boat! I know! it takes time and money. And that’s where we come in. We are ready to provide your boat the best professional boat repair service that you are looking for and at affordable prices.

Please navigate thruogh our website and find out a bit of the work that we have done and work that we are doing. Check us out for an estimate or information of the services that we can provide.

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Who We Are And What We Do

33" Sea Ray Sport Boat, Complete Restoration

27" Catalina Sailboat, Complete Hull Restoration

41" Silverton, New Non-skid Application

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